I was attending Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE-2011) on 26-28Oct in Prague, Czech Republic.

ELCE-2011 Opening

It’s good combination of perfect Czech beer and a nice event which attracted Linux developers, well-known in open source community.

Beer on ELCE-2011

Co-located with LinuxCon Europe conference under LinuxFoundation patronage, ELCE-2011 ran in three parallel sections. I managed to attend the following presentations:

  • “Another Mile Down the RT Road” – Thomas Gleixner, Linutronix
  • “Embedded Linux Optimization Techniques: How Not To Be Slow” – Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent
  • “Collaborative Initiatives in Embedded Linux” – Jeff Osier-Mixon, Intel
  • “Using Buildroot For a Real Project” – Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
  • “Status of Embedded Linux BoFs” – Tim Bird, Sony
  • “SoC Power Management  – Debugging and Optimization Techniques” – Avinash Mahadeva & Vishwanth Sripathy, Texas Instruments
  • “Android Platform Optimizations” – Ruud Derwig, Synopsys
  • “Linux for In-Car Infotainment” – Matt Jones, Vice President, GENIVI Alliance & Technical Lead – Next Generation Infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover
  • “DRM Driver Development For Embedded Systems” – Inki Dae, Samsung
  • “Using Qt For Non-Graphical Applications” – Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
  • “ARM DMA-Mapping Framework Redesign and IOMMU Integration” – Marek Szyprowski & Kyungmin Park, Samsung
  • “Secure Virtualization in Automotive” – Lisko Lappalainen, MontaVista
  • “Smart Audio: Next-Generation A SoC For Smart Phones” – Liam Girdwood, Texas Instruments
  • “Integrating systemd: Booting Userspace in Less Than 1 Second” – Koen Kooi, The Angstrom Distribution
  • “News From the ARM Architecture” – Arnd Bergmann, Linaro
  • “How Linux PREEMPT_RT Works” – Frank Rowand, Sony
  • “Developer’s Diary: It’s About Time” – Wolfram Sang, Pengutronix
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