TI ARM Processors

Basically, TI offers three families of high-performance ARM processors suitable to run Linux operating system in mid-volume embedded system designs:

  1. Sitara family (AM1705, AM1707, AM1802, AM1806, AM1808, AM1810, AM2505, AM3517, AM3703, AM3715, AM3892, AM3894, OMAP3503, OMAP3515) – the system features one general purpose processor either ARM9: 300-450MHz or Cortex-A8: 600-1.5GHz.
  2. Integra family (OMAP-L132, OMAP-L137, OMAP-L138, TMS320C6A8167, TMS320C6A8168) – the system features a general purpose processor (ARM9 at 450MHz or Cortex-A8 at 1.5GHz) and floating+fixed point DSP from 200MHz in value line and 1.5GHz in high-end performance line.
  3. DaVinci family (DM3725, DM3730, OMAP3525, OMAP3530, TMS320DM3x, TMS320DM644x, DM6467, TMS320DM814x, DM816x) – similar to Integra but added video encode/decode acceleration blocks.

An exciting thing about high-performance TI ARMs is a pin compatibility between some processors of Sitara, Integra and DaVinci lines, so one can easily scale an embedded system: